Liberal Senator pushes for investigation of Australian links to Vatican financial scandal

21 October 2020

Liberal Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells says allegations of money transferred from the Vatican fund to Australia to secure evidence against Cardinal Pell are “serious” and if true, will have significant consequences.
Early this month Italian newspapers reported unsubstantiated allegations Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu, was suspected of wiring 700,000 euros, equivalent to $1.14 million to Australia to help secure evidence against Cardinal Pell. 
The High Court quashed, unanimously, Cardinal Pell's child sexual abuse convictions earlier this year.
Ms Fierravanti-Wells asked the Chief Executive of AUSTRAC, Nicole Rose, about media reports that money was transferred allegedly from Vatican funds to person or persons in Australia.
“I’d written to Ms Rose on the 13th of October, setting out my concerns about these allegations and asking her to confirm the matter was being investigated,” she told Sky News host Alan Jones.
“At estimates yesterday she confirmed that AUSTRAC had looked into the matter and had provided information to both the Australian Federal police and also the Victorian police."
“These are serious allegations, which if they are true, will have significant consequences, therefore they need to be fully and properly investigated.
“Rest assured that I will be pursuing this matter”